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  • Welcome to Durga Crane Services

    We will always deliver the highest
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  • Welcome to Durga Crane Services

    We will always deliver the highest
    quality of service

Welcome to Durga Crane Services

Durga Crane Services, established in the year 1997 by Sri R. Venkata Ramaiah who is well versed with pin to pole in the Automobile Industry. We are a regular supplier of Hydraulic, Telescopic, Crawler Mounted, Tyre Mounted Cranes for a capacity from 0 MT to 200 MT.

Durga Crane Rental Services in Hyderabad offer a wide and better type of crane rentals and crane service In Hyderabad. View to envision our full line of the crawler, hydraulic, truck, and carry deck cranes and many more...!!

Safety Standards

Safety is our primary focus for our employees, your employees and your job site. All our equipments are carefully maintained to manufacturer standards

Time Matters

Over time we have carefully evaluated the market ensuring our diverse crane fleet will offer equipment that fits all of our customer's needs.
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Service Quality

Our most valuable asset is our employees. Our operators have worked on every type of job imaginable and each are individually trained. The combination of excellent equipment and skilled operators gives us the ability to offer a higher level of service.
About Us

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The weather started getting rough the tiny ship was tossed if not for the courage


When you’re choosing a Crane rental service you must ensure with the quality and best price for your service and project... Durga Crane service will provide a better crane depending on your project suitability.

Whether you’re working on a crucial, high-paying job or simply a difficult project, our crane rental service is assured to own the most effective crane rental equipment for you...!!

Crane Rental Services in Hyderabad with non-operated equipment and operated equipment, you’re guaranteed to get the Crane solutions to wanting for any project or any job...!!

In Crane rental, the Crane is obtainable for rental.

Not only, do we have the wide range of crane equipment, but we have only stock of branded equipment...!!

We also provide crane for hire, depending on Time base and day base wise, Clients can reach us for Crane on Hire in Hyderabad, the price volume is depending on the hour based service...And for most things are depends on the project and crane.

Durga Crane is the best service provider in Hyderabad; we put pride into the work and the work into the equipment in Crane on Hire in Hyderabad. Crane rental service which is why we are ensuring that the equipment with getting at the right price. With a trained and well-certified person…

Each of our professionals is well trained and certified has the license through their respective state for a crane in Hyderabad, for Crane Rental Services in Hyderabad have check properly before sending the equipment to project place.

Providing the best service to the client is our responsibility and respect to-words the work... Crane on Hire in Hyderabad has committed provide the service is 24/7 in Hyderabad.